What are the most common building materials?

building materials

If you are new to the world of building houses, you may get confused with the plethora of building materials available in the wild. With so many sand and gravel supplies and suppliers in the market, you would want somewhere to start from. This small guide on the most common building materials can serve as a simple platform for you to start.

Most Common Building material list to consider:

Concrete is most commonly used:

The most obvious and important material for all building materials is concrete. It is essentially the main component of houses that are built with bricks. Concrete reinforcement is used to ensure the integrity of buildings on various occasions.

Because of how sturdy concrete is, and modern concrete being made of eco-friendly ingredients, concrete will supposedly never die in the world of building.

The cream render on flat concrete walls is also pretty durable and last for weeks at a time.

Wood is always required:

In many parts of the world, wood is the most used component for building – take for example Japan. If you are looking to make a house, though a little unreliable, but greatly eco-friendly, starting with wood may be your first step.

  • Since wooden buildings are cheaper to construct and the walls don’t require as much effort as, for example, brick party walls, you won’t be needing a lot of resources.
  • Wood is also favored in many parts of the world because of how accessible it is, and how it can be regrown if you are planting the same number of trees you are cutting.

Wooden houses also have that finish that make them look extremely beautiful and exotic. Instead of looking for “timber hardware store near me”, you would benefit more from choosing binned wood from bigger companies. It will be cheaper and more even in quality.

Cement is very important:

Cement and concrete usually go hand-in-hand. Cement and concrete are an extremely important building component and perhaps the most common too.

  • Whether you are looking to build a house, a bridge, or even roads, cement has excellent binder capabilities.
  • If you are looking to get cement for your next project of brick party wall, we recommend getting in contact with your sand supplier.

Some people say they can’t find “sand and cement near me”, though we would like to add that sand can be used in the making of cement and concrete, so you don’t really need sand afterwards.

Gravel has a high demand:

Gravel is basically a loose aggregation of rock fragments. Though many people just choose the grey option because it makes your floor look smoother, other people would rather choose a colourful rainbow of gravels.

Because you can usually find sand and gravel supplies with each other, you don’t really need to do the extra effort of ordering some sort of gravel supply. The delivery will only cost you more.

Gravel is also an essential component in the building of sturdy roads, as rocks are able to deal with heat considerably better than clay and lime.

Final Thoughts:

There are a few other components such as slabs and bricks that can be used to make Bowral blue bricks, bondek slabs, bond deck span tables, brick party wall and Blackheath bricks, but we think you get the gist of it. If you have any further queries regarding sand and gravel supplies or any other issues, do let us know in the comment section.