How to Select the Right Timber for Outdoor Flooring?

outdoor flooring

It is no secret that Australians are at heart, nature lovers. Most homes have an outdoor deck area or a patio design to enhance their property’s outdoor experience. Whether you are looking to add a new outdoor space to your current property or replace your existing deck’s flooring, timber flooring is a great option that lends elegance and a lively ambience to the area.

One of the prime benefits of choosing timber flooring for outdoor space is because it adds warmth and interest to your property. Timber flooring is full of character, versatile and durable. You can choose from several grades of timber for outdoor area depending on the species you pick. You may get timber with knots or something much smoother depending on what you like. Timber flooring is also very easy to clean and maintain. Modern engineered flooring by wholesale timber and hardware suppliers contains layers of coatings that make them odourless and stain resistant, perfect for those with allergies.

With so many timber flooring varieties available in the market, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for your home. There are three types of timber woods available for outdoor projects: softwood, hardwood, and composite products. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right timber for outdoor flooring –

Weather – The weather of the area where you intend to use the flooring is an important factor to consider. Will the outdoor flooring get a lot of sunlight, rain or snow? You need to consider a timber variety that can withstand all these elements. Uses – You need to consider how you will use the outdoor timber flooring to determine which timber would be perfect for it. Some of the things to keep in mind are the foot traffic on the outdoor deck, will it be covered or exposed to natural elements, the colour of the timber that matches with your house’s style and decor theme, and other factors. Tannin – A few timber varieties like hardwood contains a huge amount of tannin. It causes them to leech when they are exposed to moisture. It leads to staining of outdoor furniture, concrete, and even the outdoor wood flooring structure. Thus, if tanning related staining might be an issue, it is best to pick a timber with low tannin content. Cost – You might want to stay within your budget, but it should not be the only criteria for choosing a particular type of timber flooring. There are varieties of timber flooring available in the market at different price points, so make you understand the pros and cons before picking the right one. Appearance – It is important to pick timber flooring that will allow you to give your house a look you want. You can choose from different attractive hues from dark to light to match your house’s overall decor theme. Do not forget to consider the effect stain will have on the wood flooring.
The right timber outdoor flooring can make a huge difference in your home. It is best to check the quality of materials and get quotes from the best structural timber suppliers in your city before making the final decision.