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The top 7 interior design trends for 2018

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In terms of interior design, 2018 has probably seen the biggest shift in many years, with an almost complete 360-degree turnaround from the monochromes and minimalism that have predominated for so long. Be prepared for rich colours and earthy tones, luxurious fabrics and an eclectic combination of old and new in our top 7 interior design trends for 2018.

1. Neutral tones are on the way out, such as beige, grey, black and white, to be replaced with bold colours, such as blue, green, yellow, turquoise and purple, or earthy tones like soft plum, dusty blue, dark green, brown and charcoal. This shift towards more colour and texture goes for walls, upholstery, floors and accessories.

2. White kitchens have peaked and lost their appeal, ushering in an age of darker finishes, with stained timber and metallic surfaces in hints of copper and bronze. This includes a move from stainless steel fridges and dishwashers to darker colours, so that the appliances merge into the background, allowing the kitchen walls, floors and cookware to stand out as the key design features.

3. Bare walls and decorative minimalism have given way to dramatic wallpapers, a salon-style display of artwork and lots of greenery in the form of hanging plants, wall gardens and vintage plant stands. Add to this touches of individuality, such as a mix of furniture styles, cushions in contrasting colours and patterns, or timber shelving for books and collectibles, and create a distinctive space that is all about your personal style.

4. While grey tiled and glass surfaces have dominated bathroom design for a long time, the move is towards a more ‘resort-inspired’ feel, with timber and ceramic surfaces, rattan furniture and muted colours, including green, blue and pink. This trend is about making your bathroom an experience to be savoured and enjoyed, rather than merely a functional space that you breeze through on your way out the door.

5. The ubiquitous downlight is now a thing of the past (some might be breathing a sigh of relief), with a range of different lighting styles – standard, table, pendant – taking centre stage and creating a softer, moodier look. This also means combining vintage or retro lamps and shades with modern pendants, tying everything together through the use of complementary colours and textures.

6. Floors have gone in a similar direction to walls, with white tiles, stark terrazzo and blonde wood giving way to darker tones and ‘worn’ finishes. Rugs are no longer beige or black, but are picking up on the more luxurious, creative move in interior design. Brightly-coloured rag rugs, richly patterned Persians and rattan rugs in earthy tones are definitely the flavour of the year.

7. Alongside the move away from minimalism comes a renewed interest in distinctively creative spaces, with decorative homewares and original artworks playing a key role. There’s a focus on collectibles, such as vintage and retro lamps, vases and furniture, or handmade ceramic tiles and mosaics to replace plain glass splashbacks in wet areas. More than anything, 2018 is a chance to express your individual style and break away from the minimalist constraints of the past few years.

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