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Fast delivery of building supplies to the Sydney Metro area.

Thanks to same-day delivery in the Sydney Metro area, you are guaranteed to get the landscape, plumbing and hardware supplies you need, when you need them. Seymour’s can also arrange late-night delivery so you never have to worry about a delay to your project.

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Seymour Building Supplies has many delivery options to suit your delivery needs.

Truck 6
4 ton Tipper

2350mm Height, 2400mm Width, 3150mm Tray Length, 5400mm Overall Length, 4 tonne Payload.

5 ton Tipper

2350mm Height, 2500mm Width, 3600mm Tray Length, 5900mm Overall Length, 5 tonne Payload.

Truck 4
6 ton Tipper

2600mm Height, 2700mm Width, 4000mm Tray Length, 6200mm Overall Length, 6 tonne Payload.

Truck 1
7 ton Tipper | Crane

2950mm Height, 2800mm Width, 3900mm Tray Length, 7300mm Overall Length, 7 tonne Payload.

1 tonne @ 7.3mt 6 pallets tipper | crane.

Truck 5
7 ton Crane Truck

2900mm Height, 2700mm Width, 3800mm Tray Length, 7200mm Overall Length, 7 tonne Payload.

1 tonne @ 7.3mt 6 pallets crane.

13 ton Crane Truck

3300mm Height, 2800mm Width, 7450mm Tray Length, 11000mm Overall Length, 13 tonne Payload.

1 tonne @ 9.7mt 12 pallets crane.

image (2) copy 2
8 Wheele Bogey Tipper

18 tonne Payload

image (1)
10 Wheele Bogey Tipper

21 tonne Payload

image copy
Truck + Trailer

40 tonne Payload

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