Revamping your outdoor spaces

After a big summer of entertaining (or lack of) due to an unruly and unmanageable backyard, it’s a great time to look at small things you can do to make your outdoor space look brand new, at a low cost! Here’s a few tips, and products that will help make all the difference:

  • Make the swap for turf!

One of the biggest reasons for an outdoor space looking unmanageable is overgrown weeds and grass. It’s one of the most discouraging maintenance factors for a busy family, thinking about having to take the time to mow the pesky lawn! Artificial grass, or turf, is great because it stays lush and green all day long without the upkeep, and lasts up to 15 years, withstanding harsh weather conditions, and the damage caused by pets and young children that will normally leave in discolouration, mud, and patchiness.

For a soft, fine textured, fluffy grass opt for our Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass, you’ll have the great feel of a freshly mowed lawn without the upkeep. For a grass that is more hard-wearing and durable, try the Winter Green couch or Kikuyu assortment which is perfect for active families need a full proof option.

  • Try Decorative Gravel

After a hot season that may create dryness in soil and have your plants looking lifeless, try using decorative gravel! By preventing water evaporation, it keeps the soil underneath moist and soil erosion. It’s also a very quick, easy way to make your flowerbeds look presentable at a low cost, while also preventing weeds.

For larger landscaping changes such as cleaning up walkways and driveways, consider trying decorative gravel to create a beautiful aesthetic around your steppingstones and to fill in pathways. With a heavier base, it’s also very low maintenance due its resistance to weather conditions such as strong wind and rain.

  • Nourish your plants with premium soil

As the weather gets cooler and your plants won’t be able to soak up as much of the summer sunlight, it’s important to give them the nutrients they need through high quality soil. By having a beautiful selection of plants that aren’t taken care of, this will do more damage than good when looking at the overall presentation of your space.

With our premium garden mix, this is a great option for nourishing plants all year round such as Azalleas and Camellias, which are bright, colourful, and resilient to the weathering effects. If you’re also thinking about starting to grow your own fruits and vegetables, our planter box mix is perfect for preventing plant disease and speeding up root development, so your family can enjoy the fresh produce, quickly!

  • Skip the weeds with mulch

Another great option for creating an attractive, yet easy to manage area is to incorporate mulch into your outdoor landscape. Whether you’d like to create a more formal space with hedges and structural lines, or want to create a more floral heavy space, mulch is the perfect option for highlighting your feature plants and bringing colour to the space. Incorporating mulch also results in a much lower maintenance space by suppressing weed growth and preventing evaporation in the soil, which keeps the plants cool in summer and warm in winter. Best of all its long lasting and non-toxic, which means your family will be able to reap the rewards for years to come.

With events such as Mother’s Day fast approaching, you’ll find that you’ll never want to leave your new and improved space with these easy, affordable tips. It’s never been so easy to take care of your space and to create a space that is functional and enjoyable.