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Kids playing in a wooden cubby house.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to create a fun-filled and creative space for your kids in the backyard. Take a bit of time and do a little research and you’ll find a there is a whole lot of ready-made or DIY play equipment available that won’t blow the bank. Here we suggest just 5 ways you can turn your backyard into a place where the kids want to spend some quality time.

1. Install a sandpit

Sandpits are a simple source of joy and creativity for young children, and, a lot of the time, for parents as well (think of all those sand cakes and sand cups of tea you’ll be offered!). There is a range of ready-made sandpits to choose from – in timber or plastic – and these are generally relatively inexpensive; however, if you have the time, why not build your own.
At Seymour Building Supplies, we stock all the materials you need to create a sandpit that suits your space, budget and your kids – from the timber and fastenings to bags of Sydney sand. Imagine how proud you’ll be once the job is done and your kids are spending many happy hours making castles, digging holes and baking sand cakes.

2. Camp out for a night, or two

Kids love camping out, even if it’s just in the backyard and only for a night or two. And setting up a tent and letting the kids sleep out on a fine night, perhaps with a couple of friends, is a really cheap way of keeping them entertained with little effort. An alternative is to install a teepee in the backyard that is a permanent fixture (at least during the warmer months), which can be used for overnight camp outs and can double as a cubby during the day. Best of all, there’s no need to go out and spend lots of money as there’s plenty of advice online about making your own teepee, including step-by-step guides on YouTube.

3. Plant a veggie patch

Whether you’re a keen gardener or not, creating a space in the garden for your kids to grow and tend their own veggies is a great way to teach them some really important skills and keep them busy at the same time. Maybe you’ve already got a suitable area set aside in the garden and it’s just a matter of getting the kids weeding and then sprouting some seeds. Or maybe you need to get hold of a planter box, soil and a few tools to get the project started. Either way, have a look at Seymour’s range of garden supplies and we’re sure you’ll find what you need to help the kids create a beautiful and bountiful veggie patch.

4. Add a cubby house

Although a slightly more expensive addition than the previous three, a cubby house will provide your kids with years of entertainment and, once they’ve grown out of it, can be passed on or on-sold to bring joy to a new bunch of kids. The key is to research your options within your available space and budget, as there is a variety of ready-made cubbies out there in a range of materials and sizes. Or you may be a keen carpenter and want to build your own. Again, there are numerous ‘How to’ guides on YouTube and elsewhere, including Seymour’s own DIY step-by-step guide to building a cubby house that you can download and print out. One thing we know, once a cubby is installed in your yard, your kids will thank you with hours and hours of play, giving you more time to relax.

5. Get arty & crafty

Create an art and craft area in your garden, or on your patio or deck, where your kids can splash out and explore their creativity. This is as simple as getting your hands on an easel, some butchers’ paper and acrylic paints, covering your kids in a smock and suggesting they paint something they see in the garden; a butterfly or ladybird, or birds in the surrounding trees. Make a clothesline from some rope and use pegs to hang the resulting pictures up to dry, creating the aura of an art studio and giving your kids a great sense of achievement.

If you have space on your patio or deck, or even under the carport, make the art and craft space a permanent fixture – somewhere where the kids can work on their creations over time without having to pack up at the end of each session. Purchase some plastic tubs and fill them with craft materials so the kids can easily access what they need when the artistic urge takes them. Before too long, you’ll find this is one of the best ways to utilise the space in your yard and inspire your kids at the same time.

Thinking about installing a sandpit, veggie garden or cubby house for your kids? Talk to the experts at Seymour Building Supplies today by calling 9816 5999, or visit the website to find out what materials we have in store.


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